Adult Acne Skin Care – Acne Is Not Just For Teenagers

Thought acne was just for teenagers? Think again. Acne can strike anyone at any time and any where. More and more adults find that they are suffering from acne these days, which is often a side effect of the products that they are using. If you are looking to banish any adult acne and are looking for effective adult acne skin care, your start to clear skin begins here.

Consider Ingredients that are in your Products

It is perhaps most important to read the labels on the skin care products you are currently using and make sure that they are not causing or exacerbating your already-present acne. There are two things you want to be sure of in your products:

  • They must be oil free
  • They must be non-comedogenic

Products that are oil free and non-comedogenic will not clog your pores and cause future outbreaks. Do not immediately trust any product that’s marketed as “dermatologist tested” either; these can still cause you to break out, especially if they have any oils or unnatural products.

Consider using Less Products

You will also want to be sure that you use as little products on your face as possible. This means limiting your skin care regime, choosing a limited amount of make up products to wear on a daily basis and to ensure that those make up and skin care products are appropriate for you face. When you exercise, wear little to nothing on your skin (this is especially important when it comes to skin care products or facial makeup). Sweaty skin, even without product, can clog pores so having foundation, cover-up or even powder sitting on top of it can cause acne or skin problems.

Stop Touching your Face!

Consider where your acne is, and how many times in a day you may be touching that area of your face, either with your own hands, food, or other products. If you chin is the problem, stop resting your chin on your hand so as to prevent the spread of bacteria and sweat. If your forehead is giving you problems, consider growing out your bangs or holding them back with a headband.

This also means stopping yourself from picking, pinching, or squeezing any pimples you may find on your face. Touching and popping pimples will only worsen the problem, and probably leave you with some rather unattractive scarring.

Stop Stressing!

Stress is often a root cause behind any adult acne, so though stress is a part of life, being over stressed or not knowing how to cope with it properly can definitely mean adverse consequences for your face. Learn techniques to calm down, take deep breaths, and to be hopeful and carefree when ever possible.

Visit a Dermatologist

More than anything else, if you do suffer from adult acne and are seeking medical adult acne skin care, visit the dermatologist. Though the expense upfront may seem expensive, they will be able to get to the root of the problem and immediately recommend products that are right for you rather than you spending tons of money on “acne”-related products that may not even help or cure the problem.