How To Find The Best Hair Straightener

Almost anyone at some point in their life is going to wish that they had a great hair straightener or flat iron, and most women wish they had a better hair straightener every single day!

Hair straighteners come in a variety of makes, models, and they have different features. There are some things that you definitely want to ensure that a good quality hair straightener has, such as:

  •  The plates should be ceramic so as to provide the best quality straightening with the least amount of damage to your hair.
  • Temperature control is a “must”. Never raise the temperature above 400 degrees Fahrenheit unless you have very coarse and unruly hair.
  • The width needs to be appropriate for your hair. For anyone with thin to medium-thick hair, a hair straightener that is 1 ½” in width is appropriate. If you have fuller, thicker hair, go for at least 2” in width.
  • It should be easy to handle. There is nothing worse than buying a hair straightener or flat iron that you can’t manipulate in such a way to reach the hair that you NEED to reach! Make sure the electrical cord is long enough for you to be able to move around and reach every area of hair.

Another good tip is: do not buy from the drugstore! You may be able to find a good steal there, but first visit any place that may well discount beauty products (think of wholesale stores, like “Ross” in the United States and “Winner’s” in Canada). You can find some of the best, top quality salon brand hair straighteners for $20 less than a cheap drugstore brand hair straightener. Most of these hair straighteners have a “reduced cost” because they are from last season (and is there any woman who really cares about what “season” her hair straighener is from?).

Best Hair Straightener for the Non-Budget Conscious: If you have a fair chunk of change to spend on a hair straightener, then do not miss out on the KQC X-Heat hair straightener. This has been continually rated as the best hair straightener on the market, though the price may be a bit too steep for some ($160-$220, depending on whether you buy it online or not). This brand alone has been featured in several magazines and TV shows, so you know it must be a good one! This flat iron features ceramic heaters, up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit heat in under 30 seconds, and the heat is stable an continuous.

Best Hair Straightener for the Budget Conscious: If you don’t have the $200 to throw down on a KQC X-Heat hair straightener, try out the H&R Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron. Though this is a rather basic looking flat iron, it really should be considered one of the very best. You can straighten your hair, curl it, or flip it easily with this hair straightener, allowing you a whole lot of different hair styling options from one tool. Their newest hair straighteners even have “Suspended Plate Technology”, an innovation that will prevent your hair from being pulled and yanked. Now that’s something all women would like to try!