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HSI Professional Curling Wand Review

Do you want to look stylish and trendy? If that is the case, then it is high time you considered the idea of buying a curling iron. However, shopping for the best curling iron is among the most daunting tasks especially for a newbie. There are things you need to take into account before buying a curling iron. To start with, you need to consider your hair type. Thicker hair needs a curling wand with higher heat settings in order to maintain the results. Fine hair requires lower heat settings so that you do not damage your hair at the end of the day. The other aspects that you cannot afford to ignore are barreling heating speeds, barrel size, material and interchangeable barrel. Once you understand the features that define a good curling iron, there is no need to moving around looking at prices offered by local stores. Instead, check with www.amazon.com for great deals.

One of the best curling irons that will rarely disappoint is HSI professional curling wand. The price and features of this curling wand make it worth buying. The device comes with four different interchangeable sizes. This implies that buying this machine is like owning four different curling wands without spending much. The gadget is awesome for home as well as commercial use because of the endless styling options. You can go for Kardashian curls or tight summer bouncy summer curls that every young girl in the United States of America has to try even if it means once in her lifetime. Another thing that will impress about this device is that it distributes evenly. The heating settings allow you to know the exact temperature as you continue to style your hair. In addition, the wand heats up at a very fast rate. It can attain 400 degrees in less than one minute. You do not have to fear about the high levels of heat because the manufacturer has included free heat protective gloves to take care of the same.

In simple words, you will never regret spending money on this curling iron.

What I noted about the product

  • Available in different sets including the 1-inch barrel, 3/4 1 tapered barrel and 4 Barrel set
  • The gadget has a ceramic tourmaline cone that helps you to maintain smoother and healthier hair characterized by a high gloss shine
  • Has a dual voltage ranging from 110 to 220
  • Ensures consistent and even heat distribution when working on your hair
  • The infrared technology used in designing the device helps in locking natural oils and moisture in your hair. Therefore, you will not end up with dry hair.
  • The sleek ergonomic designs offer ultimate comfort and non-slip grip required for effective performance
  • Adjustable digital temperature control unit
  • Comes with a free heat glove
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

What impressed me about the product?

  • easy to handle, thanks to the sleek design and non-slip grip
  • easy to adjust the temperature to suit your styling needs
  • the infrared technology maintains the moisture and natural oils needed to make your hair gloss shine
  • the lightweight design makes it simple to use when styling your hair
  • heats up very fast
  • the interchangeable barrels enable you to get curls of different sizes as well as shapes
  • has a bonus gift, the heat gloves that will protect your hands throughout the styling process
  • distributes heat consistently and evenly as you continue to style your hair
  • keeps hair curled all day long

What I did not like about the product

  • does not come with a stand to keep the barrels raised

In conclusion, HSI professional curling wand is simply the best. Once your order for this curling iron, you will not only keep your hair shiny but healthier because of the infrared technology applied. Unlike other brands of curling irons, that will keep you waiting for hours before they heat up, this device attains over 400 degrees in less than one minute. This means that you can style your hair within the shortest time possible before leaving for your friend’s birthday party. In addition, the manufacturer offers free heat gloves that protect you from the effects of heat. Whether you are an experienced hair stylist or a beginner, this curling iron will not give you a hard time because of its simple and sleek design.