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Magic Curl Curling Wand: Best curling wand for short hair

Gone were the days when women have to visit salons regularly for hairstyling, thanks to the technology behind curling and straightening irons, which makes it possible to recreate coveted hairstyles of Hollywood stars at home. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter any trouble when using such tools.

In fact, they create more headache than when you opt to have your hair done by a hairstylist. DIY curling, for instance, is time-consuming and does more damage to hair. However, these usually depend on the curling product you use. Its built, features and capabilities say a lot about the result that you are likely to get.

This is where the Magic Curl Professional Automatic Steam Hair Curling Iron comes to the rescue. Touted as one of the best curling wands for short hair and long mane, this product busts out the common myths pertaining to DIY styling with its impressive lineup of features. Taking the cue from its name, it does wonderful hair transformations that seem like magic. You can now say goodbye to your styling woes with this curling tool. It is meant to replace your hairstyling arsenal that just doesn’t live up to the expectations.

The Magic Curl curling wand is designed with various types of hair in mind. Unlike other curling irons that are only applicable for long-haired women, this one does not exempt those who have short hair. In fact, it is the best curling wand for short hair as far as users’ reviews are concerned. It is suitable for any types of hair – be it fine, thick or textured. Length is not an issue with Magic Curl. You can curl your mane whether it is short or long. This is a boon for those who tend to be afraid of trying different hair lengths.

Temperature issues are also common with most curling irons, but these are not shared by the featured product. It has three different heat settings: 370°F, 410°F and 450°F, all of which correspond to the ideal heat levels for curling various thickness of hair. If you have fine hair, you can choose the minimum temperature and still get bouncy, soft curls. The same can be said with higher temperature options. This is all thanks to its ceramic curling plates which easily heat up. Also, you will never have to worry about getting your strands burnt in the process – the Magic Curl curling wand is safe for hair and stays cool to touch.

Unlike most cheap curling wands, the Magic Curl conserves energy. It has an automatic shut-off function, which also prevents burns due to overheating. This is a good thing especially for those who need a quick fix because they tend to forget shutting off the curling iron after use. It also features several timers to remind you when the tool is ready to use. This takes the guesswork out of curling your hair and saves your time in the process by reaching the ideal temperature within seconds.

Despite the fact that its temperature could reach up to 450°F, you can be sure that the product won’t hurt your hair. It won’t smell like burnt yet effectively produces bouncy curls that stay on until the following day. If you like natural-looking waves, you can brush down the curls a bit or sleep on them until the next day when you are ready to go out. Instead of using curlers, you can achieve the same effect with Magic Curl curling wand, all without the bothersome plastics that you roll around your hair.

You can also experiment with different directions of the curls using this tool. The easy-grip feature of the Magic Curl is designed to allow you to curl the sides of your hair with considerable ease. This is especially helpful when you are aiming for that look with curls that are rolled inside. You can also do the same with outwardly-rolled curls on the sides of your hair.

This product is also portable, which makes it great for styling on-the-go. You can pack it in your tote or any medium-sized bag if you are going for trips where a little hairstyling is required.

For a price of no more than $80, the Magic Curl curling wand delivers beautiful results that are comparable to those hair styled by salon hairstylists. It is an ideal DIY tool for all your curling needs.