Make a Splash in Fashion: Figure Flattering Plus Size Swimwear

There is little doubt that plus size swimwear has benefited from a fashionable design uplift over the last few years. It is now much easier to find just the right swimsuit for your body type in a style and design that you will love.

In order to get the most out of your swimwear, the first thing that you need to do before you go shopping is to establish your correct body type. This will enable you to find just the right style and design to fit you perfectly and help you look great in the water and around the pool.

Different body types

Depending on your particular body type, you can find swimwear that accentuates your attributes and conceals areas that are maybe not so flattering.


If you are considered to be pear-shaped then the focus should be mainly on drawing most attention to the bust and upper body whilst aiming at concealing the lower part of your body through the design and shape of the garment being worn.

If this is your body shape then a good choice of swimwear would be a one-piece with a brightly colored top or even a skirtini.


The main aim of apple-shaped women is to draw the eye downward, which can be done with flowing designs and styles.

One of the best choices for your body type would be a swim dress or an all-over print one-piece swimsuit.


If you are a woman with a small waist then your focus should be on drawing attention to this particular attribute. Look for swimsuits that aim to emphasize the waist area, and in order to achieve this trick, your best choice of swimwear would probably be a one-piece swimsuit with a brightly colored top and design.

Large bust

If you are endowed with a large bust then a high priority for you is a good combination of comfort and support together with a fashionable look.

A halter top is an excellent choice of swimwear for a bustier woman as the A-line tends to create a slimming effect whilst the straps provide a good level of support.

Finding your perfect swimsuit

A great place to look for the perfect swimsuit is where you will find a wide range of different styles, colors and designs to compliment your particular body shape.

The Palm Beach animal print bathing suit is right on-trend and the molded cups and stretchy material will feel very comfortable whilst it is specifically designed to enhance your natural curves. The same designer also makes a swimsuit with lateral gathers which are designed to create a narrow waist and emphasize the v-form of the neckline. The result of this clever design is a swimsuit that is comfortable to wear but also offers a host of figure-flattering effects.

You could also consider an abstract print bathing suit which is highly fashionable yet cleverly designed to strategically flatter your figure. The pattern slightly narrows down towards the bottom of the swimsuit and works in tandem with the vertical dividing seams to create a wonderfully feminine yet sporty look.

There are now so many choices of plus size swimwear available with enhanced features based on your particular body type, meaning that you can make a real splash when you make an appearance around the pool or on the beach.