Flat Iron

Solia Pink Limited Edition 1-Inch Flat Iron

Solia Pink Limited Edition 1-Inch Flat Iron has functions identical to Solia Professional Ceramic Ion Flat Iron. The major differences between them are the size of the ceramic plates and the color scheme.

Solia Pink Limited Edition 1-Inch Flat Iron has 1-inch ceramic plates, which are suitable for short or medium hair length. With the 1-inch slim ceramic plates, this flat iron is extremely handy for curling, straightening and twisting. All the users unanimously claimed that it is an utterly versatile flat iron that worth every penny they spent.

According to the reviews, the variable and controllable temperature of Solia Pink Limited Edition 1-Inch Flat Iron, which range from 140oF to 450oF, is one of the best features that captivated the users.

Besides, this product is equipped with Autosense technology, which enables even heat distributions throughout the ceramic plates and in turn leading to excellently straightened hair without undesired damages.

The Tourmaline technology in this Solia Pink Limited Edition 1-Inch Flat Iron will render you a lustrous and silky smooth hair as the abovementioned technology will generate gentle far infrared heat with 6 times more negative ions to protect your hair from heat damages.

Apart from that, this flat iron is fabricated with the Dynamic Alignment System that will offer a perfect contact between your hair and the plates and in turn ensuring you a perfectly frizz-free hair. In general, most of the users have asserted that this product works fabulously well on their hair day in and day out.

They also claimed that this flat iron is capable of reducing the time needed for all the styling or straightening processes.

Virtually, Solia Pink Limited Edition 1-Inch Flat Iron is suitable for all hair types. Regardless your hair is in dry or wet conditions, this flat iron constantly delivers good results that fit your requirements.

Better still, it has a 360o swivel power cord to avoid entangling and an excellent exterior design to give users a comfortable grip. Last but not least, Solia has offered a one-year limited warranty to ensure the integrity of this product.

The major drawback of this Solia Pink Limited Edition 1-Inch Flat Iron is the inconvertible current setting. This means that it is not suitable for traveling and it can only be used within the USA or Canada.

I will not say that this product is flawless or perfect, but it does receive a lot of good comments and reviews from the existing users. To sum up, it is a handy, versatile, and well-designed flat iron with affordable price.