Why Choose Mineral Based Cosmetics?

Tired of those old make up formulations that seem to do nothing but clog our pores and cause break outs? Most standard make up also contains tons of harmful chemicals that can actually be doing even more damage to us than cause zits and enlarged pores. That is why man people are making the switch to mineral based cosmetics.

What are Mineral Based Cosmetics?

Mineral based cosmetics are just what they sound like – cosmetics made up of natural minerals! Some of the most common natural minerals that can be found in this make up include:

  • Zinc
  • Iron oxide
  • Titanium oxide
  • Mica
  • Bismuth Oxychloride
  • Ultramarine

These minerals are ground up into a very find powder that you then dust over your face with a makeup brush or “powder poof”. A fine application of any mineral make up will also leave you with a healthy, natural glow due to the reflective qualities that many of the minerals possess.

What are some Advantages to Using Mineral Based Makeup?

Have you ever noticed that conventional make up has an expiry date on them? This is because conventional make up is packed with preservatives in an attempt to keep it “fresh”. This also means that if you use the product past the expiry date, there’s a good chance that the product is contaminated with bacteria.

Mineral make up is a loose powder that is completely dry, meaning that bacterial growth cannot be supported in mineral make up. This means that mineral make up is cleaner.

Here’s another reason why mineral makeup is better – it will stay on your face even if it is humid out! Your conventional make up probably drips or “melts” from your face in humid climates, but mineral make up will stay on your face all day long, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions.

Lastly, as mentioned above, mineral makeup will not clog your pores. As a matter of fact, mineral makeup actually nourishes your skin, naturally blocked out those harmful, aging UV rays and also provides great coverage. Even those with the most sensitive of skin have been able to use mineral make up with zero side effects.

What sort of Products can be found as a Mineral Makeup?

Almost any sort of conventional make up product that can be found in a powder form can be found as a mineral make up. Foundation, cover up and powder can all be found in a mineral form. Blushes and bronzers also come in a mineral make up form. The most popular choice of all for mineral make up is eye shadow. If you go to check out some mineral make up selections now, you’ll quickly see just how many choices there are amongst the mineral makeup eye shadows compared to other beauty products.

Lastly, you can complete your entire look with a “mineral mascara powder” (it will stay on!).

If you ever have any questions about mineral makeup, use the Internet as your guide or speak to a cosmetologist at your department, drug, or beauty store for further advice.